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  Maskless Aligner

The MLA150 has been specifically designed for easy operation and includes all our know-how on developing maskless lithography systems that we have gathered in the past 30 years. It offers all the capabilities that are required for single layer and multi-layer applications and because the MLA150 exposures are always non-contact it will even overcome some of the limitations of photomask based exposure technologies.

What sets the MLA150 apart from other pattern generators is not only the usability but also the extreme exposure speed. Exposing an area of 100x100mm² with structures as small as 1 micron will take less than 10 minutes – independent of the fill factor or number of structures within this area. Alignment in multi-layer applications is achieved within 2 minutes by using three integrated cameras with varying resolution. Layer to layer alignment accuracy is better than 500nm and does not depend on the operator’s level of training.

Experience the flexibility that the MLA150 Maskless Aligner will provide and expose your layout directly to accelerate your work in the areas of Life Science, MEMS, Micro-Optics, Semiconductor, Sensors, Actuators, MOEMS, Material Research, Nano-Tubes, Graphene, and any other application that requires microstructures.

光映科技 独家代理 德国海德堡仪器。 销售范围:中国大陆地区、台湾地区。

Substrates up to 9" x 9"
Structures down to 1 µm
Exposure area of 150 x 150 mm²
Non-contact exposure
Light source at 405nm and 375nm
SLM based light engine
Multiple data input formats
Alignment accuracy of 500nm
Backside alignment
Realtime autofocus
Resist database
Automatic labeling and serialization

关键词: 掩模板 (Photo mask) 铬板 (Chrome mask) 干版 (Emulsion mask)图形发生器 (Pattern generator) 无掩膜光刻 (maskless lithography) 激光光刻 (Laser plotter) 制板