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  Tabletop Maskless Aligner

Designed with focus on high performance at an affordable price, the MLA100 is the perfect lithography solution for many R&D applications. The optical system is designed to write structures down to 1 μm at a speed of 50 mm²/min directly into photoresist, without the need for a photomask. The elimination of photomasks from the lithographic process will increase the flexibility and significantly shorten the prototyping or manufacturing cycle. The MLA100 is controlled by an exposure wizard (GUI), which guides the operator through the complete procedure: Load the substrate, select the design and start the exposure. With a footprint of 60x75cm² the MLA100 was designed to fit even into the smallest R&D laboratories, and requires only power and compressed air for operation.

Applications for the MLA100 include Life Science, MEMS, Micro-Optics, Semiconductor, Sensors, Actuators, MOEMS, Material Research, Nano-Tubes, Graphene, and any other application that requires microstructures.

光映科技 独家代理 德国海德堡仪器。 销售范围:中国大陆地区、台湾地区。
Write speed of 50 mm²/min
Substrates up to 6" x 6"
Exposure area of 100 x 100 mm²
Structures down to 1 µm
High power LED light source
SLM based light engine
Multiple data input formats
Basic gray scale exposure mode
Camera system for alignment
Realtime autofocus
User-optimized exposure wizard

关键词: 掩模板 (Photo mask) 铬板 (Chrome mask) 干版 (Emulsion mask)图形发生器 (Pattern generator) 无掩膜光刻 (maskless lithography) 激光光刻 (Laser plotter) 制板